Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 5: My Favorite Dice

I am a dice whore.  I love them.  I have several hundred dice in tins and bags and ice cream containers in my room, plus my dice bag, plus floaters.  I buy them all the time.   I mostly have a bunch of the standard polyhedrals (d20, d12, d10, d8, d6, and  d4), but I also have some weirder dice like my d30, d5, and d7.  The dice I take with me on a regular basis include my second favorite set: my brown and yellow steampunk dice from Q-Workshop that Spooney from Countermonkeybard would loathe, because they're almost unreadable.  They're awesome, but not my favorite, because they hate me and roll beyond poorly for me.  Also, apologies for the lack of actual pics.  Once I get a working camera again, I might just show some of my dice for real.

Bask in their glory!

I also do love Gamescience dice.  I have several sets, and I love to ink them myself.  Out of all my dice, they roll at least decently for me.  They're a little light, though, and don't clatter as satisfyingly as Chessex sets, and they have the little annoying sprue marks where they broke off the mold.  Still, I do like them, but they aren't my favorite.

I carry around the glow and purple Gamescience dice to most of my games.

I mentioned the satisfying clatter of Chessex sets.  They're heavier (especially the speckled sets) than Crystal Caste or Gamescience or Q-Workshop, and I like the heft in my hand.  Most of my dice are Chessex, and my favorite set is Chessex as well.   

I carry these around too.  Simple, but nifty.

But now on to the favorites: Pink Borealis Chessex.  I have the seven dice set plus a pipped d6 that are my go to set of dice.  Why?  They are pink and sparkly and do not hate my guts.  They roll well and accept me for who I am.  They make a statement when they roll out of the bag.  And I love making statements. 

Plus I love having dice that look like they were crapped out by a unicorn.

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