Monday, September 30, 2013

What is my favorite RPG deity?  He comes originally from the Greyhawk setting of Dungeons and Dragons, appears as a core deity in 3rd and 3.5 D&D, carries a big mace, and smites the crap out of evildoers.  His name is Saint Cuthbert or Saint Cuthburt, and he is a badass.  He also happens to be partially based on an actual Catholic saint.  

I know I've shared this picture before, but it doesn't make it less bad ass.

My love of St. Cuthbert stems from some of my earliest forays into Dungeons and Dragons.  My druid had died to mummy rot, and the party needed a healer, and Clerics had remove disease on their spell list, and I was a paranoid 14 year old.  I also wanted to smash shit.  My Halfling Druid could only beat stuff for a few rounds if he cast Shillelagh, and his 3rd edition wolf animal companion wasn't much to write home about either. I had decided on playing a Cleric, but Pelor didn't command his Priests to whup some evildoer butt.  Heironeous was too zealous and Paladin-ey, and I figured if I wanted to worship him, I might as well just play a Paladin, and a Paladin wouldn't get along well with my brother's Rogue.  I'd previously ignored the entry in the 3.0 Player's Handbook deity list with a metallic, ruby studded cross in a circle.  

This is fun to brandish, and it's easy to work into brooches, tabards, mace heads, and indentations in your enemies' foreheads.  

The entry detailed Saint Cuthbert, a Lawful Neutral (and thus more thief friendly) deity of justice, dedication, and wisdom.  Heavy on the justice.  He was also detailed as a martial deity, and big maces are awesome (and did a whole D8 of damage).  I can't remember much about my Human Cleric of St. Cuthbert, but I remember it being awesome, and when in doubt of character concept from then on, I just rolled up another Cleric of the good saint.  

There's even a mini, which I bought.  Of course.

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