Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dice Dice Dice!

I promised to take pictures of my dice, and I have delivered.  These are my plastic polyhedrals that dictate life and death.

Here are the randoms.

I have a few random dice that don't belong to any sets hanging out in my bag.  The d6es are for general usage and rolling stats for games that require that.  The giant d20 is for when I feel like a roll warrants a giant d20.  The weird jellybean ones are Gamescience d3s that have R, P, and S printed on them for Rock Paper Scissors.

The Q-Workshop steampunk dice set and my NPC attitude generator.

Here are my glow in the dark and wisteria purple Gamescience dice.  I used a black, fine point Sharpie to ink them.

The blue with red ink and Borealis and pink with silver ink Chessex sets.

And all together now.

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