Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Is My Favorite Grass Type...

First off, this post is late because of Pokemon X.  I would say I'm sorry, except I'm really not.  My inner child gets crotchety when he doesn't get let out to play, and he kinda flipped out with unadulterated glee about a new version of Pokemon, and he was also not happy about having to wait until payday to get it.  As a quick review, if you like Pokemon, get it.  It's fantastic.  I get to have Squirtle in my team almost from the get go again, and that makes me so happy I will forgive any and all sins the game has (which are few and exceptionally minor).  I knew I was getting Squirtle soon on, so, unlike most versions I did not go with the water type starter.  The only other exception was Black and White where I went with the super adorable fire pig, Tepig.  I went with a grass starter for the first time ever, and Chespin has been cute and pretty damn powerful so far.  I could seriously gush about this forever, but I want to get this blog post done so I can go back to playing it.


Luckily for me, grass type starters kinda tie into today's blog topic which is about which elemental or plant is my favorite.  I've mentioned how I don't really like elementals as outsiders, and I don't really dig them that much in general.  That leaves plants, and I really do have a favorite.  I love me some Treants.  I'm a huge Tolkien fan, and have always loved the Ents, and Treants really are just D&D Ents.  They're also huge, cool, and really brutal to have to fight.

I love treants...

Here's the kicker with this though; I have never used a treant in a game that I have run.  I've only encountered them a precious handful of times.  In fact, treants and assassin vines are the only two plant types I've ever encountered in games, and I hate assassin vines because they always kill my character or nearly kill my character.  The biggest run in I've had with a treant was with the undead lord cleric mentioned in my undead post.  Benny, my juju zombie minion was constantly killed by a rogue treant every time we went near his woods.  Said treant disliked poor Benny because he was an "abomination," and eventually ended up being the poor zombie's complete undoing after grinding him to an un-resurrectable pulp.  And that is that.  

Here's another treant for the road.

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