Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Favorite Character That I've Never Played...Sorta

Day nine.  His name was Saint Ibsen McLeod the Cowboy Paladin.  And he was awesome.  He was born the second son of clan McLeod, a ranching family in the great plains of whatever world we were playing in.  His family and the other clans in the area bred giant boars and rode them too.  Always a restless child, Ibsen and his dire boar, Taggart, would often wander the range.  One day, they came upon a couple of boys from a rival clan having their way with a young woman against her will, and, in a blind rage, Ibsen and Taggart killed them and fatally wounded the young woman in the process.  He was banished when the crime came to light, and he and Taggart wandered off into the wilderness.

Cross this...

After a long travel and nearly dying in the desert, Ibsen and Taggart were found by the order of Yamptha, a religious order based out of a desert citadel at a crossing point of leylines.  They were taken in and nursed back to health.  The Order was centered around the Eldest, literally the eldest member of the order, who sucked devine energy from the leylines to power his flock.  The leylines gave the order control of the land and environment around their citadel, and more importantly, they accepted Ibsen complete with his flaws, teaching him to control his impulses and anger and tempering his will and good intentions with wisdom.  

With this...

Ibsen, however, still fell prey to wanderlust, and after a few years, once the order determined he was ready, he left again. This time, he followed the mountains to the far North.  Eventually, he came across a village and was told of their struggle with a giantess who was plaguing them, eating their people and livestock.  Ibsen decided to do something about it, and he and Taggart rode out the next morning to meet the she giant.  He met her on a mountain ridge and spoke with her.  Cromla was her name, and she was an ancient frost giantess, driven from her people due to her age and forced to feed in these lower climes.  Taking pity on her, Ibsen offered her a place with the people as their protector and compatriot, but Cromla was stubborn and refused, attacking Ibsen in her fury.  They fought, and, in a desperate fight, both of them battered and broken, Ibsen wrested Cromla's hammer from her hand, and struck her a resounding blow, shattering her icy form.  

Wielding this...

He then collapsed, and Taggart dragged him back to the town where he was nursed back to health.  Ibsen stayed in the town for a time, eventually bedding the mayor's daughter after she pressed herself on him after falling in love with the man during his stay.  He was given her hand in marriage, but declined, never one to settle down for long.  As an added GM tidbit, she became pregnant after he left, but that is a tale for the playing not the telling.  

Riding this.

And after that, his tale is left untold.  Two one shot episodes saw Ibsen fight a diabolical martial artist with hands of hellfire and, alternately, fight a hell machine and then tackle a death knight off of an airship to save his companions, dying in the process.  I don't count him as ever being played.  He has also appeared in an (unfinished) story that I am writing with the small change that he is a half giant.  In a few games I've thought about playing him in, I've considered making that change.  However, his time has not yet come, but some day, I will play him.  Some day.

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